Flight Sim 2012 Virtual Pilot 2012

Flight Sim 2012 VirtualPilot3D called Flight Simulator game world just welcomed a brand-new flight sim. So far, the game is good because realistic game or ignored by the previous flight simulators or when the technology just was not available to obtain a more realistic experience, heaps of new features has taken its sheer quality.

These are just a few to mention VirtualPilot3D Flight Simulator, offers incredible new features; 25 000 real airports all over the world, and the location, so that you can follow in real time google map you can see exactly where flying, cockpit completely realistic manner the behavior of each instrument, as well as helicopters, planes are now different fly hundreds of models.

Even the weather changes or is no longer realistic (you) can be selected by the pilot. If you fly in real time with your friends, so even if this game has so many options.

Game Virtual Pilot Team, Mark Duran, Özil Aguirre, created by John Irwin. These guys did a terrific job in this Flight Simulator Flight Simulator, and efforts are now thousands of fans worldwide, it's easy to install and can be enjoyed by all thanks to the use.

To learn more about this new Flight Simulator just visit their Flight Sim 2012 Official VirtualPilot3D.