Flight Sim 2012 Virtual Pilot 3D 2012

Come to life in the captain's chair if you want to live? In fact, the closest thing to a real aircraft in your own home Do you want a chance to live? Well, today there is a chance for such an experience. Flight Sim 2012 Virtual Pilot 3D 2012 is a great game that shows you to realize your dreams of such a system. Pro Flight Simulator 2012 a large number of players currently on the market say it is the Best Flight Simulator 2012. Is it really so powerful and exciting? Let the user control.

What is Flight Simulator 2012?

Game Quick overview:

Creator: Mark Duran, Ozil Aguirre, John Irwin
Content: Pro Flight Simulator 2012 2012 Game + Free lifetime membership + Instant Access
Price: $49
Official website: www .Virtualpilot3D.com

This fact is used by pilots to fly ultra-realistic flight sim lets you anywhere in the world is. Everything is a mew revolution and change the way gaming experience flying with the flight simulator. This is a special and unique in the market compared with other flight simulator. Now, let's see in detail in the futures.

The entire process includes only three simple steps, is very easy. First of all, you need to install the game only takes about two minutes from start to finish. And then the "Flight Laucher" run and start customizing options flying or gerekir.Son step is to explore the world choose any aircraft in any airport. So now you can enjoy your own flying!

This system-based computers as well as Windows 7 and Mac OSX, Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS X Leopard is designed to work on. After buying it, specify the address in the members area, and you do not have to download anything, you will receive 4 DVD physical pressure.

  Virual Pilot 3D 2012 Review - Pros:

First of all, this cockpit, images, advertising has high fidelity audio controls make the actual state-of-the-art system is based on realistic flight modeling.

Secondly, this system everything is completely accurate and all of the aircraft in real life Mädels based on the actual cockpits. Third, accurate mapping of the solar system, and provides real-time weather. "Eal sync" on the basis of technology, it allows you to set what the weather right now, which means you want to choose to fly in any weather condition! Last but not least, it allows you to fly anywhere in the world and you can even fly over your own home!

Virtual Pilot 3D 2012 Review - Cons:

1. The price that you may see slightly higher price for $ 137, and now he will have to pay $ 49 for a discounted price. His process is a little complicated and involves a large solid areas, so you need to understand it, and so far a few minutes.

2. This program can not buy offline.

3. Their support 24/7 is not

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