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Pro Flight Simulator 2012

In fact, in the comfort of your home can experience the closest thing to flying a plane .... What happens to the state-of-the-art cockpit, realistic flight modeling system and the actual controls?
Die-hard extremists will be knocked their socks off everyone with an interest in fly
Pro Flight Simulator 2012 Game

  Google Maps incredible real estate

  Unique and authentic flight experience

  More than 200 different types of aircraft and helicopters - Rare planes, helicopters, air bus provides

  Locations are modeled after real, more than 25,000 Airports and Runways

  Realistic full replica cockpit and controls

  The background mimics real estate scene

  Flight instructors (FAA certified!) Is a preferred teaching aid used by the

  Real-time changing weather conditions in and out of an airport anywhere in the world Fly

  Changing the Height of Runways

  Real Life Helicopter Handling

  Explore the Himalayas, the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt, visit the Eiffel Tower, or even flying
over! Opportunities Virtual Pilot 3D2012 to infinity

 ATC system good ground, Tower, Departure, Approach and Center with ATC flight sim compared to any other available

  New airplanes / helicopters and download new maps and monthly updates on the scene objects

  Multiplayer network feature, you do not have to fly alone

  Follow the progress of their flight with world atlas

  This multi-monitor support (9) and thus compatible with both Windows and Mac OSX (other similar games on the market contrary) that can be installed on multiple computers Want a more positive review.

  Make requests for vectors and ILS airport

  Virtual Pilot 3D 2012

GPS navigation such as advanced navigation support, VOR, NDB and ILSThis is by far, hands down, the best home computer we've ever come across Flight Simulator!

Any game is not sold in stores. Now available in a pack of DVDs to download or sent to you. Mac and PC compatible.

If you are out, you can

Fly to Singapore from Paris!


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